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Does it fit to the wall or the stairs?
They insert taking place going on to the stairs and not to the wall. In general, a conventional straight stair lift rail has 3 optional accessory points. The rail is attached to the staircase treads at the summit of the stairs, in the center and at the bottom. The rail add-on points sit considering more the top of your carpet.

Does a stair lift cost very much in electricity to control?
They are not costly to rule. They electricity stair lifts use are comparable to a DVD or Video artist montascale Firenze.


Can another people still use the stairs normally?
Modern stair lifts have a slim origin design as soon as seats, arm and foot rests that can be folded occurring previously not in use. This leaves large sum of room for attachment stair users to stroll going on and down the stairs. Most models concentrate on roughly 300mm in intensity subsequent to the seat and footrest is happening.

How long does it espouse to to install a straight model?
It usually takes abandoned 1-2 hours to fit. The rail will be fitted first, subsequently the motor and the chair. It will next be tested adequately and you should be shown how to use it by a stair lift engineer.

How long does it understand to install a curved model?
It usually takes virtually half a hours of hours of day for two engineers to fit a lift to curved staircase. The rail will be fitted first, later the motor and the chair. It will moreover be tested sufficiently and you should be shown how to use it by an engineer.

What happens if my gloves in crime has used the lift to go upstairs and I’m stuck downstairs?
All lifts come as soon as remote controls. These can be mounted at the summit and bottom of the stair lift. These can be utterly useful if more than one person in the house uses the lift. The proud counsel is totally easy to use.

Are there any weight restrictions?
This depends almost the model, but most lifts have a weight limit of 18-21 stones. However, some muggy adherence models have a weight limit of going on to 25 stone.

What happens if it the length of?
Most companies have the funds for a 1 or 2 year warranty and furthermore give a variety of psychiatry packages to battle your requirements. Check the small print carefully.

What happens if we make a buy of a adroitness scuff? Will it fade away halfway happening the stairs?
As it is battery powered it will continue to take steps though your habitat loses adroitness. The battery will last long pleasing, without recharging, for you to unlimited surrounded by 10 and 15 journeys.

How huge are they?
On average they are approximately as serious as a microwave or dishwasher.

Do you compulsion to remove the rug going in symbol to for the stairs?
When installing your lift, there is NO dependence to surgically surgically remove your carpet. The rail for the stairlift fits beyond the zenith of your carpet.

Will the handrail compulsion to be removed?
In most cases the handrail is removed in the back the raise is fitted as it will no longer be required. This usually looks neater than keeping the handrail, however in some cases the handrail can be left in area if required.

Does it require special wiring?
They can be plugged into a adequate 240v socket. However, entrance to a fused spur is preferred as a plug could accidentally be removed, switched off or knocked.

What if I have narrow stairs?
Look for companies that meet the expense of a broad range of makes and models rather than just one or two. This pretentiousness you should be practiced old-fashioned to an settlement the most to your liking one. Most stairs can accommodate a stairlift, even narrow ones. Most companies come uphill considering the keep for a FREE no obligation survey.

Do we compulsion to have a knack supply or is it flee a battery?
Stair lifts are battery powered, but most will require an outlet either at the peak or bottom of the stairs to save it charged. They can be plugged into a enough 240v socket. However, right of entry to a join up spur is preferred as a plug could accidentally be removed, switched off or knocked.

What happens if something is left concerning the stairs and gets in the quirk of the stair raise?
Stair lifts are enormously passionate to foreign objects or obstructions left as regards a staircase. They are fitted as well as complex sensors that will automatically fade away the raise if an set sights on is in the way. Once the endeavor is removed the raise can be operated as customary.

Can I pick what colour I have?
Depending following hint to the make and model that you chose, many of them reach come surrounded by a abnormal of chair fabrics. A sales engineer will be sprightly to advise you accordingly.

How manageable is it to get harshly and off?
Lifts are fitted with either calendar or powered swivel seats and muggy faithfulness arm rests to aid you as you acquire upon and off. In some cases, a grab rail located upon a wall or newel gathering can be fitted to apportion new opinion/maintain.

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