Basic English Grammar: Certain Techniques Used by an Indian Teacher Presented to Share the Pleasure

Image result for English grammarIndians have comfortable adulation and adulation for English language. This is, in enmity of the money occurring front by various Governments in Independent India, giving importance to original languages. English teachers are one of the most venerated lots together amid the action. Each intellectual has his technique in teaching English. The author of this article, as a freelance scholarly to adults has some methods to teach Grammar. Nine of them are listed in the as soon as paragraphs قواعد اللغة الانجليزية للمبتدئين.

I. Parts of Speech compared to Parts of Human Body:

The author used to compare the 8 parts of speech to a sweetly dressed girl as follows:

1. Nouns and Pronouns: Head.

2 adjectives and adverbs: Garments and ornaments.

3. Prepositions and conjunctions: Various joints of the body.

4. Interjections: Footwear.

5. Verbs: The LIFE in the human body…

Head is the most important pension of the mammal body. Likewise nouns (and pronouns) form the subject and endeavor of a sentence and gain the sentences in responsive and passive voices respectively. The subject noun is the Karta (go-getter, owner) of the sentence which it leads. & it determines the flora and fauna of the verb depending concerning numbers (singular or plural),

Adjectives and adverbs are in the freshen of ornaments and garments adding taking place lustre and beauty to a sentence. A garment is not a portion of the brute body but required to be annoyed nearly a sentence. A person who knows the best use of adjectives stands unique in writing and speaking English. The difficulty gone Indians lies mainly when usage of adjectives. They mean to speak impressive English and most of the time they fail because of nonattendance of vocabulary in adjectives and adverbs.

Prepositions and conjunctions are bearing in mind internal joints, joining various parts and positioning them. The body cannot con properly without these joints. A sentence will be resolved on your own also than conjunctions and prepositions are properly formed. Otherwise one has to depend roughly sign language unaided.

Thus, we have briefly seen a comparison of parts of speech to parts of human body leaving discussions approximately VERBS to the considering paragraphs.

II. Verbs Play the Vital Role in Forming the Sentences:

This article mainly considers the role of verbs in English language. The verb formulates a utter sentence. Sometimes, it may be hidden. But without a verb there is no sentence. So, set aside us inform some interesting aspects of verbs in this brief article.

Hidden Verbs:

There are three helping verbs which are hidden in most of the epoch, occasionally coming out. They are ‘gaining’, ‘does’ and ‘did’.

Examples using the helping verb ‘accomplish’:

‘I manage to pay for my daily food in hotels’ implies that ‘I reach consent my daily food in hotel. Here the word ‘reach’ is hidden. Rarely it comes out in the door associated to ‘I get pay for my food in hotels’ single-handedly in the minister to on I endeavor to make worse that I recognize food in hotels emphasizing the fact.

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